About a year later…SMH


So I suck at blogging…

I told myself a year ago that I would continuously blog about the adventures of life after college and as we can see that did not happen. I haven’t posted since late August 2015 and it is now going on July 2016. Needless to say, a lot has changed since then while doing this thing called being an adult.

July 2015 I took a job with R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company and moved to Memphis, TN alone. I came all the way out here not knowing anyone so the first two months SUCKED! It was nice having my own stuff and being somewhere new, BUT when you just graduated college and you’re used to friends and family always being there then it is hard to adjust.

Well luckily, my boyfriend found a job here and moved to Memphis at the end of September 2015. Yay for me but also great for him. It was a great opportunity that he couldn’t pass up and better than his situation back in Charlotte, NC. That now leads me to living with your significant other…

Ladies and gentlemen, please make sure your relationship is strong and serious enough to support the challenges of moving in together. Everyone likes to believe that they can handle it since they spent many nights at each other places and that they “practically” lived together once. Well I’m here to tell you that practically living together and actually living together are two completely different things. Luckily, we are in a strong enough relationship that those challenges did not break us. There are habits of a person that you have to now really deal with. Before you could handle it because it wasn’t your place, but when it comes yalls place you have to deal with the little things that he or she does that makes you just want to scream “ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS!?”

Habits are not the only thing you have to address, but when you move in together then you have those “domestic duties” that have to be discussed. Everyone is different, but Sequaia doesn’t go along with the duties of a woman that society has given her because she has a vagina. So talk about these things. Women do not mind doing domestic things, but we do not want to be expected to do them. It should be expected that it will be a shared responsibility of the household.

I could on and on about the different things that young adults need to consider when moving in together. Actually not even just young adults but anyone that is considering taking their relationship to that next step. That topic is probably another blog or series lol.

But life has been good! Many topics to write about in the near future.

Until next time…


One Month Down…

I’ve been here in Memphis for a month now so here is the real review of my job and life here….

While I am happy with everything, I will say that times are hard! I have been extremely overwhelmed this past month, but I am getting the hang of things and learning to take it a step at a time. Life has been hectic and overwhelming, but I can now say with much confidence that I love it!

I have already learned so much during this past month and can only imagine the skills and knowledge that I will gain throughout my entire career with this company. Along with my coworkers, I would say that my favorite part about my job is the challenge. I love that I am challenged because my job shows me everyday skills that I didn’t know I had.

My boss has this saying that goes something like, “you don’t know what you don’t know until you know what you do know.” I am probably quoting him wrong, but basically he is right. I started this job doubting my abilities and not realizing that I know a lot more than I think. I have to open up and let myself truly develop because the possibilities are endless.

A week ago I had the opportunity to bond with the team some more. We had a very important meeting and had to stay overnight at a hotel. These two days that I spent with them really allowed me to get a feel for everyone and I loved it! Not only did I get more insight into each person professionally, but I also had the chance to personally get to know each person as well. Thursday night we had dinner at Jim’s Place and then headed back to the hotel for a few hours to just relax with some drinks and music to end the night off. It was in this moment that I really realized how lucky I was!

I am exactly where I belong in life and I am loving every moment. The future is what we make it. I have learned to not stand in the way of my own happiness and greatness!

A month down, a vacation needed lol. Tomorrow I am off to North Carolina to celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday! North Carolina will always be home, so I am excited! 🙂

Until next time!

The Transformation of It All

I titled this blog post “The Transformation of It All” because life truly has changed this past week. A lot is happening right now, but I am so happy and extremely grateful. I LOVE my job and the people of this company, I LOVE my apartment, I absolutely LOVE my car and everyday I find a new reason to LOVE the city I am in.

I may have emphasized love a bit too much but when I tell you that things are great that is an understatement. I don’t have words to express life right now. I am so grateful for everything and extremely proud of myself.

Last weekend I moved into my apartment and got to spend my first weekend here with my boyfriend! He drove me here and we got to spend some quality time together. We also found a nice little BBQ spot called Central BBQ that I will definitely be going back to someday. Sadly Monday came and he had to leave, but that was also my first day on the job and the day my movers were coming! Thank God they didn’t come any later and were there to relieve me of the struggle that I was going through with barely having any of my belongings.

My first day was nothing too crazy. It was mainly handling paperwork, setting up work computer, and many other things along with lunch at Firebirds with my boss. The rest of the week was spent with a fellow co-worker and my boss out visiting different businesses because we had a recall, so my training has been postponed until we get that situated. Tuesday, my day out with my co-worker, we at at a place located in Midtown called LOCAL and I had the best burger EVER! I will definitely be going back to that restaurant along with visiting the other restaurants I happened to see in the area.

While it was just the first week and I didn’t do a great deal with just getting on the job and all, I loved this first week. I had the opportunity to go out on my own and meet with different people I will be working with, I’ve had a great time with my boss, and my mentor that will be assisting in training seems to be a great person as well. The people of this company have continued to make me feel welcomed and that alone has made this transformation positive.

But besides work, I have just been enjoying my new car, apartment, and the city. I am really happy with this choice I made and I can see myself accomplishing great things in the future. I owe all of this to God and to everyone else that had faith in me when I was starting to doubt myself.

“Too often we get caught up in the idea of getting what we want when we want it, forgetting that God has a bigger plan and purpose”

Adulthood Hit Me Quick..


This past week I had the opportunity to go apartment hunting and I was so excited because I had seen some amazing places while doing my search online. As mentioned in my last post, I had a huge must-have list and just wanted to have the perfect place to call home. Well I found a place to call home and it was my #1 place on my list! I am so excited because I not only loved the apartment, but also the community. I had two places that I was definitely already in love with before going, but the community is what sealed the deal. Hilarious that I thought my friend was crazy for wanting valet trash service, but I now have it and it was one of the things I loved about the place as well.

While in Memphis I didn’t just find the perfect place to call home. I also had the opportunity to get Starbucks with my boss and loved it! He seems like a great guy and is super helpful career wise and personal.

I am excited about this journey to come, but I am also very exhausted! A lot has to happen when getting a place. Between setting up utilities, renter’s insurance, coordinating with the movers, paperwork for job and countless calls with the company, I am in for a long week until my departure.

I am already tired of adulthood because of the paperwork and set-up, but I am still very excited about everything that is happening. I am absolutely happy with everything and confident in all the choices I have made. This week will be busy, but also very exciting.

Hoping this isn’t just a good time for me, but potentially also going to be a great week for my boyfriend as well. Hoping that he gets good news. Overall, life is just great and I am excited about spending this time with my family and loved ones.

Off to spend the night and weekend celebrating my little sister’s birthday!

Until next time! 🙂

Post-Grad Life: A New Chapter!

So it’s no secret that I originally wanted to move to Charlotte, NC to start this next chapter of my life. It was familiar, already my second home, my boyfriend lives there, family hour away, etc. Well plans change and I am actually super excited about that. At first I was so unsure about this decision, but I am only young once and I have lived in NC my entire life for 21 years. Also, the more I think about it Charlotte is very familiar and maybe too much like a second home. I can always go to Charlotte and continue to make memories there, but it’s time to do that somewhere else.

It’s time to call another place home, and that is why I am excited to announce that I will be taking my talents to Memphis, TN!!! I have been offered and accepted a position with R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company as a Territory/Trade Marketing Manager. My experience so far with the company has been great and I haven’t even started. My recruiter was super helpful throughout the entire process, employees have been helpful and welcoming, and I have just met some great people including my boss who already seems like a great guy.

When applying for this job and interviewing I was first like a tobacco company, are you serious Sequaia!? But after researching Reynolds American, the parent company, and R.J. Reynolds I realized just how interesting this company is. The innovation and change that this company has initiated and been at the forefront of is crazy, the CEO Susan Cameron is just WOW with all that she has been able to accomplish during her time with the company, and the potential is out of this world and a great foundation for my career.

This position will give me the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills that are definitely going to help me in my career of being an Account Manager some day and overall I love the company. Also, not only is this position helping my career in long term but also helping me financially with a great compensation package.

With the long-term goals I have, this was a great decision and I am so excited about starting this chapter of my life. Tomorrow I am heading to Memphis to apartment hunt with my lovely boyfriend and nanny, and I am extremely excited because I have found some AMAZING places to match my long must-have list. I’m also pretty sure watching the Property Brothers hasn’t helped my apartment hunting because it makes me realize there are lots of things I want in my apartment lol.

Life is just coming at me fast and even though I went through two months that I said were tough, I am so glad I had those two months to relax and enjoy my summer with my family and my boyfriend. This was a much needed break, but back to business. I can’t wait to share with you all my journey to Memphis and life after.

Continue to believe in yourself, and remember that He has a plan for you.


Fourth of July weekend was everything and more! I loved spending the holiday weekend with my family and my boyfriend. Originally a little over a month ago a couple of friends and I were talking about doing something big for the 4th, in the summer spirit and a nice way to spend time together after all changes, but I am glad we didn’t.

A week ago my aunt had a stroke and had to be flown to the hospital. So many thoughts went through my head that morning and afternoon. At one point I got filled with so much sadness that I just sat down and cried. I was afraid we were going to lose her and I didn’t know what this would do to my uncle and cousin. All I wanted to do was get to Charlotte and be there for her family and mine during this time. Little did I know I would drive away from the hospital thinking OUR family as I thanked God that she was okay.

She had just gotten out of surgery not too long after the nurse was doing a test by asking her who people were and facts about the day, time, her birthday, etc. When the nurse asked her who are the people in the room, referring to me and my sister, she said “my nieces.” I was shocked. The nurse asked if that was correct and I said yes. You see I was shocked because her and my uncle aren’t married at all, but they been together forever so that marriage needs to hurry lol, and before that we had never referred to each other as aunt/niece. This just serves as a friendly reminder that family isn’t defined by blood or marriage, it’s defined by love and memories.

I love that woman so much and I didn’t realize how much until we were about to lose her. To see her doing so much better this weekend was a great thing. I found myself making sure she was okay every once and while, but there is nothing like hanging with the ones you love. This weekend at the pool, lake, cookout, and all was everything we needed after this week. I can’t wait until we plan this much needed family vacation for next year and hopefully one day I will be planning their wedding as well!

Always remember that family is everything, cherish every moment possible, and continue to make those memories and traditions no matter how old you get.

Post-Grad Life: The Unknown


It’s been almost two months since I’ve graduated and a lot has happened, many lessons learned. First I can’t even believe that it has been two months since I graduated from UNC and left it all behind. A place that I called home for four years and met some amazing people. On May 10, 2015 my life got flipped around in 24 hours. I started the day living in my on-campus Ram Village apartment as a student at this great university and ended it a graduate from UNC completely moved out and on my way back home to Greensboro, NC. I had no idea what was in store for my life. I didn’t have a job yet and everything was unknown except knowing that I was living at that exact moment.

These past two months have been very rough. Money was running low, countless amount of applications, doubting myself, long waits from hearing back from people and extreme amounts of networking. They may have been two of the toughest months of my life in my opinion, but I’ve learned some much. I also took this time to really remove myself from my life that is UNC. It sounds crazy because I loved UNC and everything about it, but I felt like I needed to grow up and so removing myself from social media and people really allowed me that time to reflect. Reflection was definitely a huge part of this overall process and journey.

Throughout these two months, networking was my best friend. I tried putting a face to an application and I built relationships with people that I know will last for a long time and be valuable in the future. I was reminded of the value in the UNC Alum network that I am a part of and pushed myself every single day. There were many times where I just wanted to give up because it was so discouraging. My dream positions weren’t realistic starting right out of college and without having that valuable face time with a HR person I was just one of many submitting an application. I kept fighting though because I realized that nothing worth having comes easy.

I didn’t just remember how valuable networking was during this time, but I was also reminded just how much family is everything. My family has stood by me this entire time even when things didn’t seem possible and I am so grateful because I couldn’t do it without them. My boyfriend let me stay with him for the majority of the past two months while I was applying for jobs, interviewing, networking and more to be where I needed to be because I was applying for jobs in Charlotte, NC. He supported me in a huge way. Overall I was reminded just how much family and loved ones mean to me. Every moment I had to spend with my family, my boyfriend, and his family I appreciated it and it really kept me going through a time like this.

So almost two months since I graduated, and I AM FINALLY EMPLOYED. This has been such a roller coaster, I could laugh and cry. It’s not in Charlotte, NC like I had hoped but I realized that I am young and I should get out and explore the world because Charlotte is already my second home. I need to make memories somewhere else, and Charlotte will always be there when I want to settle down. In the end it will be a challenge and I am hoping that my boyfriend will be relocating with me, but we will see. No matter what I am excited about all that life has to offer and I am blessed to have this opportunity.

I will end this blog post with a quote that really stood out to me during this time,

“She turned her can’ts into cans & her dreams into plans.”Kobi Yamada